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Khanqah-e-Niazia, Bareilly Sharif UP India
Khanqahe Alia Niazia, situated at Khwaja Qutub , Bareilly ,UP India , is one of the most important Islamic spiritual centres where the two prominent silsilas , Chishtiya and Qadriya have reached with original successor ships . The founder Buzurg of the Khanqah Hazrat Maulana of Murshidna Qutub e Alam Madare e Azam Hazrat Shah Niaz Ahmad Saheb Qibla (Raziallah Taala Anho) was the spiritual successor of Ghaus e Samdani Mehboobe Subhani Syed Abu Mohammed Sheikh AbdulQadir Jilani (Raziallah Anho) as well as Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Sanjri ,Ajmeri, Chishti (Raziallah Anho).

In Chishtiya Silsila the spiritual successor ship reached to him through Hazrat Maulana Fakruddin Mohammed Dehlvi (Fakher Paak )(R.A.).And he was bestowed upon the spiritual successor ship of Qadriya Silsila by Hazrat Abdullah Baghdadi Quadri (RA) who was the descendent and spiritual successor of Hazrat Ghaus e Samdani Mehboob e Subhani Syed Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Ghaus Paak ) (RA) .Born in 1742 AD/1155AH in Sirhind ,Punjab Hazrat Shah Niaz Ahmed (RA) had his ancestors from a ruling dynasty in Andijan Bukhara who abdicated the throne and set out to attain nearness to Allah through the service of His subjects.

They first reached Multan and, then moved to Punjab . Hazrat Shah Niaz Ahmed (RA) got accomplished in Quran,Tafseer , Hadis , Fiqah, etc. and spiritual training under the supervision of Hazrat Maulana Fakruddin Dehlvi (RA) . His erudition in Islamic scholarship was authenticated by the highest Ullemas of the times . His spiritual eminence was upheld when he was adorned with the spiritual successor ship of Chishtiya Silsila by his Sheikh Hazrat Maulana Fakruddin Dehlvi (RA) . This apart , he received spiritual deputyship in seven other silsilas including Suharwardiya ,Naqshbandiya (Qadima ) Sabriya and Nizamia .

Around 1775 AD/1190 AH Hazrat Shah Niaz Ahmad (RA) was sent to Bareilly by his Sheikh Hazrat Maulana Fakhr Paak . Here he founded a Khanqah which later came to be known Khanqah Niazia and , it became one of the most important centres of Islamic scholarship and spiritual training . People from different parts of the World thronged the Khanqah for spiritual solace . Thus Silsila Niazia named after Hazrat Shah Niaz Ahmed (RA) reached to the far off corners of the World through his spiritual deputies who emerged as highly spiritually-rich Buzurgs of their times . Khanqah Niazia has its branches spread over India ,Pakistan and Afghanistan .

AfterHazrat ShahNiaz AhmedRAhis deputy and spiritual successor was his elder son Taj-ul-Aulia Hazrat Shah Nizamuddin HusainRA (1236 AH – 1322 AH) who spiritually led the Khanqah for 86 years.After him his son Siraj-us-Salekeen Hazrat Shah Mohiuddin AhmedRA(1276AH–1324) adorned the spiritual seat and continued the benefactions of the Chishtiya – Nizamia Order.Infact, since these Sufi Sheikhs had also the authority to initiate disciples into the Qadria, Suharwardia, and Naqshbandia Orders it is a continuity of these Sufi Orders also. Mehboob-e-Haque Imam-us-Salekeen Hazrat Shah Mohammed Taqi, also known as Aziz Mian Saheb RA (1899 – 1968 A.D.) succeeded his grandfather Hazrat Shah Mohiuddin Ahmed to the sacred spiritual seat.

Hazrat Shah Aziz Mian graced the sacred seat for 42 years after Hazrat Shah Mohiuddin Ahmed who left for heavenly abode in 1924 A.D. After him, Imamul Muhibbeen Hazrat Shah Mohammed Hasan Sajjad Hasan Mian Saheb RA (1923-1980) was the eldest son of Hazrat Shah Aziz Mian Qibla. He succeeded Hazrat Shah Aziz Mian Saheb as his caliph and spiritual deputy (Sajjada and Jannasheen) and expanded the Silsilah many fold in a short span of 12 years .

In1980, and after Hazrat Qibla Hasan Mian Saheb (R.A),his son Hazrat Shah Mohammed Hasnain Hasni Mian Saheb succeeded to the sacred seat and since then perpetuated the traditions of his Buzurgs/Sheikhs perfectly and successfully. Hazrat Hasni Mian Saheb renovated the buildings of the Khanqah altogether. Rooms were added and the existing ones enlarged in order to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. He has toured to Europe and spread the Silsila Niazia in Germany and even America. Hazrat Hasni Mian Saheb, born on 24 October 1950 in Bareilly, also received religious and spiritual education on the lines of his Buzurgs.

His Sheikh and father, Hazrat Hasan Mian Saheb (R.A) arranged the best of teachers to impart him lessons on Islam. He also took special care to imbibe his son spiritual training under his own supervision and taught him Shamsul Ain Sharif. He also made him undergo long sessions of Zikar and Shaghal that is, recitation and meditation including the rare spiritual knowledge that has been coming down generations seena-bas-seena ,that is from spirit to spirit or heart to heart and also through word of mouth right from the time of Hazrat Maula Ali (Kara Allah wajho)which the Khanqah-e-Niazia still preserves and perpetuates as an invaluable treasure.

It is because of the blessings of its Sheikh Hazrat Shah Niaz Ahmed Saheb (R.A) and now of Hazrat Hasni Mian Saheb Qibla that Khanqah-e- Niazia is taking multi-directional strides. Expansion and renovation of the Khanqah building and premises, and publication and re-publication of new and old books has enlarged the number of disciples into the Silsila. A Madarsa Niazia under the supervision of the Khanqah has also started functioning and has Hazrat Hasni Mian Qibla’s blessings. Disciples and students in it are given lessons in Zikrallah and Shaghal (recitation of the names of Allah and meditation) all through the year.

Four annual Urs (anniversary of passing away) are also held, apart from several ‘fatehas’. ‘Langer’ (community food) is arranged from the Khanqah for countless disciples and visitors during the four Urs ceremonies, when numberless disciples and visitors assemble here, coming from different parts of the country. This apart, the Langer is always available at the Khanqah through out the year.
For detail :
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